Looking to add more interaction to your Exhibition or Trade Show?

Our Exhibition Web Platform and Expo App are designed to make your exhibition or trade show more effective.

The platform creates additional revenue streams for your exhibition, offering new services and tools for you and your participants. Our Exhibition Web Platform and Expo App provide tools such as Business Matching, Webinars, and Messaging, that were created to boost interaction and networking before, during and after your live event. As a part of our service we provide full support to your marketing team to promote the platform and app with your clients to increase adoption rate and return on your investments.

Our Exhibition Web Platform and Expo App provide Networking, Web Portal, Event Scheduling, Market Place, Interactive Maps, Cloud Content Storage, Management Organizer Platform, Analytics, Sponsorship, Business Matching, Webinar Solution, Job Market, News and Industry Analytics, General Organizer Web-site Pages, Customization.

Get to know your participants even better and improve their experience, provide them with special offers for future exhibitions and target your sponsorship initiatives.


  • Monetisation of additional services and advertising based around the platform
  • Sponsor support and other additional revenue streams
  • Keep your visitors/delegates/attendees/clients up-to-date throughout the year
  • Collection and analysis of statistical data
  • Stay in close contact with participants and visi tors all year round
  • Promotion of the event in the industry sector
  • Effective networking
  • Easy content management and integration with your web site


  • Exhibit all day, every day, all year round
  • Maximise ROI by increasing your presence and exposure
  • Build an Expo Schedule
  • Get matched with potential clients via business matching
  • Reach a global audience of potential customers
  • Analyse demand in different areas and make informed decisions
  • Review search statistics and analyse customer behaviour
  • Communicate with your clients through online chat Inform visitors about new products
  • Stream videos and presentations in your own webinars


  • Find relevant exhibitors using comprehensive search tools
  • Access exhibitors profiles before and after the event
  • Plan expo visit using the Expo Planner
  • Browse and apply for jobs offered by exhibitors
  • Find relevant partners using Business Matching
  • Get up to date information about exhibitor prod ucts and services
  • View live event streams and access offline recordings
  • Give feedback to speakers and exhibitors in live Q&A sessions
  • Stay on top of latest industry news and trends
  • Store catalogues, reports, presentations and videos in your cloud storage
  • Access our platform from any web browser or use the mobile app